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Antifoams play a crucial role in many household applications. For example, in washing machine, a steady control of foam is needed, rather than its complete elimination or prevention. Correct foam control is essential. Moreover, incorrect foam levels can reduce the detergent’s cleaning efficiency. Foam control agents prevent (antifoams), and knock down (defoamers) foam that occurs in both the manufacture of detergents and during their use by consumers at home, or by professionals. Well-balanced foam control systems provide stable foam control performance in liquid, powder and tablet detergents.
TERRAFOAM® line antifoams and defoamers are formulated either as 100% active compounds and emulsions for liquid detergents or as solid powdered forms that are easy to incorporate in detergent formulations. They are mostly used in the manufacture of detergents to help processing of detergent liquids, to de-air the wet slurry and improve powder density in the spray-drying towers for powdered detergents, or to facilitate all types of bottle-filling operations.
Whether it is providing a foam control solution or improving consumer benefits to fabric care, TERRAFOAM® line foam control systems help control, prevent and knock down foam that occurs during the end-use or in the production process:
- powder and liquid detergents; excessive foam can limit flexibility to formulate detergents
- antifoams as process aids; unwanted foam can slow down or shut down the manufacture of detergents
Our highly efficient and cost-effective solutions move detergents toward the consumer convenience which maintains the freshness of clothes.
For further information about our foam control systems used in Laundry Detergents, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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