Effective, safe and economic foam control
Foam is encountered in almost all the aqueous processing steps involved in textile manufacturing and finishing. It hinders the process and also impairs product properties. This costs time and money. Silicones, meanwhile, are known to be long-lasting compounds capable of producing versatile effects.
TERRAFLUID® FINISH line silicone fluids with anti-foaming chararcteristics and TERRAFOAM® line antifoams & defoamers make it possible to control effectively foam formation during textile finishing processes, and thus optimize the quality and efficiency of textiles. They regulate undesirable foam formation in finishing applications particularly well, for they neither combine with the foaming substances nor hinder the chemical processes. They can be used for process or product defoaming, as appropriate. In addition, they are largely chemically inert.
To offer maximum effectiveness our solutions for foam control have special properties including excellent thermal and alkali stability and high shear resistance which render them stable under productionconditions. They either satisfy all of these requirements or are tailored to a specific stage in the production process. A system geared to particular production conditions, so that, for each process stage, it is possible to use solutions with the ideal pH stability, thermal stability and shear resistance for specific requirements. A customized system.
For further information about our solutions for Foam Control in Textile, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.
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