Touch the senses
TERRAFLUID® FINISH line functional silicone fluids are new generation silicone polymers which enable to formulate high quality products such as textile softeners for fabric finishing, as well as surface care products, beauty & personal care products, auto care and healthcare products. They can be readily formulated as micro and macro emulsions that offer a number of unique surface properties considering a number of criteria such as softness, silky touch, elasticity and resiliency, dimensional stability, brillance and colour depth, non-yellowing, ubrication, stretch recovery, water repellency, water absorbency, sew-ability, and many more...
TERRAFLUID® FINISH line aminofunctioal silicone fluids are especially used for formulating of top-quality textile softeners in types of micro or macro emulsions including hydroxy, methyl hydrogen and epoxy-polyether functionalities. They can be easily formulated into customized emulsions or blended with organic polymer emulsions to impart textiles a wide variety of touch and functional properties.
For further information about comprehensive range of Aminofunctional Silicone Fluids, please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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