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For coloring silicone rubbers and elastomers TERRA offers an extensive range which consists of highly effective and efficient colorants from Holland Colours. With over 25 years of industry experience in colouring elastomers, Holland Colours has developed Holcosil® product line to meet a variety of needs in applications including:


- Automotive

- Aerospace

- Electrical & Electronics

- Healthcare and medical articles, prosthetics, orthopedical articles

- Household appliances, white goods, kitchenware

- Baby ware such as toys, nipples, teethers, baby bottles, bracelets, pans, utensils



Holcosil® line colourants are produced from multiple Holland Colours’ facilities around the world and provide very ciritical advantages:  


- Outstanding colour consistency, reliability and quality

- Fast delivery with standard colour orders

- Order quantities from 1 kg and up

- Wide array of standard and custom colour

- Comply with FDA, BfR and RoHS requirements fully

- Excellent performance characteristics for high-end technical applications

- Functional and aesthetic properties



Holcosil® LSR line colourants are formulated to color the room-temperature-vulcanizing (RTV) and pumpable liquid silicone rubbers (LSR), and suitable for both manual use and automatic liquid injection molding (LIM) and dosing systems. This line is a well-developed product line for both standard and unique custom colours to meet virtually any need. Holcosil® LSR is highly stable yet flexible for demanding applications.


Holcosil® HTV line colourants are developed for use with compression molding, injection molding and exrtrusion methods. This line is a unique colouring system for use with high-temperature-vulcanizing silicone rubber (HTV), also known as heat cure silicone rubbers (HCR). Holcosil® HTV line colouants meet the highest chemical and technical requirements in design, function and identification demands. It offers good flexibility in colour-setting.


For both Holcosil® LSR and Holcosil® HTV line colourants, TERRA offers quick colour matching formulation service, fast order turnaround, outstanding colour consistency and problem free processing with the highest quality product available.



For further information about our range of Colourants for Silicone Rubber Articles, please contact us.Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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