Higher performances require better hydrophobicity
Silicone water repellent and waterproofing agents come mainly in two forms: as elastomeric coatings which adhere to the substrates and form a flexible, protective membrane; and as penetrating water-repellent agent including reactive silanes and siloxane resins which penetrate deeply into the substrate where they chemically bond with it.
TERRASIL® WR line water repellent and waterproofing agents are offered in forms of 100% active liquid compounds or emulsions in various concentrations depending on the application field. They are formulated as solvent- or water based systems to impart durability, flexibility and mechanical and chemical adhesion. The are mostly used as:
- water repellent additives for paints, inks and protective coatings
- waterproof elastomeric coatings for industrial and fashion textiles
- integral additives or surface treatments for building materials
- waterproof elastomeric coatings for roofs, masonry, mineral wool, concrete, gypsum
- additives to improve the wash-off resistance of beauty and personal care products
- water repellent treatments for leather
For further information about our comprehensive range of Water Repellents, please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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