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Formulated by globally known technology leaders TERRASIL® RSN line silicone resins and resin intermediates are widely used in a number of product formulations, such as industrial or decorative paints and coatings, adhesives, beauty and personal care products as a performance enhancer, a surface treatment agent, a release agent or lubricant, and as an adhesive agent or binder. They allow to meet high-performance needs in terms of resistance to extreme temperatures, burr resistance, adhesion, water repellency, flexibility, wearing resistance and durability. They are used not only as a formulation component, but also as an adhesion enhancing primer of protective coating. They help to meet a wide range of performance and regulatory requirements and achieve the best balance of performance, compliance and economy.
TERRASIL® RSN line silicone resins and resin intermediates are available in form of liquid resins, solid flake resins, active intermediates, epoxy resins, epoxy resin hardeners, solvent-based binders and waterborne binders. Due to their unique features they are the first choice of the industries:
- decorative powder and liquid coatings
- industrial paints
- adhesives for construction (e.g. hotmelts)
- inks and OPVs
- textile printing inks
- building elements (e.g. floor coverings, composite parts)
- construction chemicals (e.g. curing agents, dry mortars)
- colored baking enamels
- decorative finishes
- primers
- adhesion promoters
- papers
- rubber parts
- roof cladding elements
- pigment pastes
- as reactive binder for other resin systems
- color cosmetics
- antiperspirants & deodorants
- shower gels
- hair care, skin care and sun care products
- varnishes, waxes, polishes
- coil coatings
- composites
TERRASIL® RSN line silicone resins and resin intermediates impart unique properties which enhance product performances significantly:
- resistance to extreme temperatures
- thermal resistance
- UV stability
- color and gloss retention 
- mar resistance
- abrasion resistance
- acid, chemical and alkali resistance
- anti-ageing
- flexibility
- improved weatherability
- high compression strength
- high elasticity and resilience
- water repellency, waterproofing
- anticorrosion
- high adhesion strength
- surface slipperiness
- optimal surface layout
- spreading effect
- resistance to electrical discharge
- optimal pigment dispersion
- glossy effect
- optimal wetting effect
- organic resin compatibility
- ease of use
For further information about our extensive range of Silicone Resins & Resin Intermediates, please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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