Our silicones give textiles the perfect finish
Market trends along the entire textile industry value chain, espacially in the home textiles and apparel markets, have placed increased demand on formulators and dyeing companies for multi-functional finishes that provide, among others. For textile sizing, scouring, dyeing and finishing applications TERRA offers a comprehensive range which can meet any need by creating tailored touch effects considering softness, bulkiness, suppleness, and slickness. Our multifunctional solutions impart textiles also outstanding properties such as elasticity, water absorbency, water repellency, oil and soil repellency, dimensional stability, easy ironing, antistatic effect, color intensification and brilliance, abrasion resistance, flame retardancy, and many others. What is more, we supply effective auxiliaries like antifoams & defoamers for efficient and smooth textile finishing processes. Whether soft and yet moisture - absorbent towels, non-iron shirts, fragrant laundry, high-quality woolen sweaters or water-repellent functional jackets - our integrated textile finishing solutions lend garments and fabrics tailored properties:
Our textile-finishing solutions are specificly preferred because of their versatility. They can be used to finish almost all kinds of fabrics, from wovens, hosiery and knitwear to non-wovens and yarns. Silicone grades range from totally inert to highly reactive and from extremely hydrophobic to hydrophilic. Their versatile application potential is also due in part to their excellent compatibility with many chemical finishing agents, such as waxes, fats, polyethylene, reactive resins, wetting agents and optical brighteners. 


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