We are keen listeners, mentors and flexible helpers
We are a group of experts with more than 20-year-experience in R&D, process reengineering and industrial manufacturing. We are keen listeners, mentors and flexible helpers. By using innovative technologies we offer not only products, but choices, choices which meet every specific need. We share our profound knowledge and experience achieved in various Industries and Applications.
When our customers are trying to seize an opportunity, to solve a problem or expand into new markets, they contact us. We visit them to understand their needs. We discuss their specific situation, try to understand their objectives, their issues and their concerns; and we define their needs with measurable objectives.
We can also support you for:

- Formulation and product development
- Material application testing
- Material, process and equipment integration
- Application training and education
- Process optimization, process re-engineering
- Cost optimization
- Material planing and order management
- Transport and logistic management 
- Branding and packaging
- Problem solving
- Environment, health and safety
- REACh and other national or international regulations,

By building a strong technical link between you and our global suppliers, we can help you innovate new technologies and enhance your productivity - our goal is to contribute to your success.

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