Outstanding performances with unlimited design 
To meet specific needs for coating applications in textiles TERRA offers an extensive range. TERRACOAT® LR line two-component liquid silicone rubbers and their additives such as polydimethylsiloxane silicone fluids, silicas, platinum catalysts and Holcosil® line colourants for silicone rubbers comply with FDA and RoHS requirements fully, are therefore the first choice for coating applications on numerous textile articles such as industrial textiles, architectural textiles, safety textiles, medical textiles, lifestyle textiles and apparel:
- Architectural textiles
- Blackout curtains
- Sunshades and drapes
- Airbags
- Inflatable safety belts
- Avalanche rucksacks
- Surgical growns, surgical drapes
- Bed underlays
- Sails, parachutes
- Home textiles
- Tents
- Sportswear and leisurewear
- Smart textiles wich contains electronic sensors bonded into them with silicone
- Seams, waists
- Shoes
- Protective clothing
Our solutions are easily applied with all well-known coating methods such as dipping, doctor blade, screen printing, kiss-roll coating, gravure roll coating, lamination, crosshead and extrusion. They are widely used for coating of any type of textiles including industrial textiles, architectural textiles, safety textiles, medical textiles, lifestyle textiles, and apparel applications. They are suitable to be applied on nylon (polyamide), fiberglass, polyester fabric and other type of fabrics to impart outstanding performances with unlimited design flexibility:
- anti-slippery effect
- waterproofness
- water repellency
- dirt repellency
- wash resistance
- transparency
- elasticity
- high wear comfort
- skin compatibility
- bondability
- good adhesion to the substrate
- pigmentability in any color
- dirt repellency
- heat stability
- chemical resistance
- flame resistance
- UV-B and UV-C resistance
- high tear strength
- aging resistance
- weathering resistance
- electrical insulation
- elasticity
- non-blocking, permanent flexibility (for inflatable safety belts)
For further information about our silicone rubber range for Textile Coatings, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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