Improve crop performances, and reduce costs
TERRASIL® WA line superspreading surfactants also known as superwetting agents are based on trisiloxane ethoxylate. They are used in agriculture industry as additive in plant irrigation water or as a formulation component in agro adjuvants such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to improve wettability, adhesion, spreading and penetration, thus contributing to better retention, persistence and absorption. They prolonge the period of time between pesticide applications and reduce costs. They can be mixed with all agricultural pesticides, plant growth regulators and foliar fertilizers. They have not any toxic effects on living organisims like humans, animals and plants:
TERRASIL® WA line superspreading surfactants are new generation organosilicone surfactants and preferred by the most of the agriculture industry due to their unique features and benefits:
- impart lower surface tension than other conventional surfactants
- impart very good spreadability and penetrability

- improve wetting and slipping effect

- enhance agrochem effect

- promote spray volume reduction

- promote rapid uptake of agrochemicals (rainfastness)

- improve spray coverage

- nonionic

- colorless

- good stability and compatibility with other anionic ingredients

- neutral pH

- superspreader for soluble liquid and emulsifiable concentrate formulations

- long shelf life

- meet international regulations for agro adjuvants

- provide antifoam effect



For further information about our range of Superspreading Surfactants & Supereetting Agents, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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