Expertise in silicone rubber processing

For the manufacture of silicone rubber articles TERRA offers a versatile range based on the most innovative silicone elastomer technologies. SILASTOSIL® line RTV silicone rubbers are liquid, two-component, room-temperature-vulcanizing silicone rubbers (RTV-2) and offered with a wide variety of hardness and curing and operating time. They are developed for use in diverse applications such as molding, moldmaking and casting, shoe sole moulding, polyurethane moulding, automotive (gasket), textile coating, electronic potting and encapsulation, pad printing and manufacturing of silicon rubber kitchenware and prosthetics.
SILASTOSIL® line RTV-2 silicone rubbers are easy to use, can be safely used for 
food contact and skin contact applications by providing high productivity and outstanding product performances without sacrificing cost-effectiveness:
Our other complementary solutions for molding, mold-making and casting include;
- Silica
- Catalysts (tin-catalyst, platinum-catalyst)
- Crosslinkers (MH silicone fluids)
For further information about our range of Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing Silicone Rubbers (RTV), please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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