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TERRACOAT® LR line silicone rubbers are two-component, platinum-catalyzed liquid silicone rubbers which cure under high temperature. They are ideal for fabric printing and textile coating applications such as screen-printing, embossing, cable sleeving and seam sealing. They are suitable for coating processes on most natural and synthetic fabrics including elastic fabrics with high elastane content, and elastic bands. Possible applications include socks, jerseys, jackets, hats, gloves, bathing apparel, shirts, children's clothing and undergarments, baby's clothing. Because of their water repellency and good adhesion properties, the printed and cured fabrics are able to pass several washing cycles with no separation or deformation.   
TERRACOAT® LR line silicone rubbers are offered with a wide variety of viscosity and hardness alternatives considering customized application needs. They impart outstanding features to the textiles, provides unlimited design flexibility and many other benefits for manufacturers:
- High purity
- Optical high transparency
- Odourless
- Good hand feel
- Excellent durability, outstanding wash- and weather-resistance
- Color fastness, no color migration
- Improved fashion appearance, semi-gloss and matt finish with no creasing
- High elongation, suitable for elastic band and fabrics with high elastane content
- Fast cure, at temperatures 150Cº-180ºC for over 40 seconds
- Optimal viscosity and flowability for screen printing
- Easily pigmented with suitable pigment pastes
- Skin-contact status
- Environmentally sound
- Do not contain organotin, phtalate, formaldehyde, PVC or solvent
- FDA confimed, REACH registered, comply with RoHS standards
- Reduced total cost of use, lower cycle times and better coverage
Holcosil® line colourants for silicone rubbers in form of liquid pigment pastes are offered with an unlimited variety of color. They are REACH registered, have skin-contact status, comply with FDA regulations and RoHS standards. They give the same outstanding performances in automatic and semi-automatic mixing systems. They add value on textile coating applications by providing smooth, glossy and very elegant surface qualities.
For further information about our innovative range of Liquid Silicone Rubbers for Textile Coating, please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the silicone material properties you seek. 

liquid silicone rubber for textile coating

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