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For silicone rubber compression molding and extrusion applications TERRA offers the most innovative and the most effective silicone rubber and elastomer technologies. SILASTOSIL® HTV line heat-cure and high-temperature-vulcanizing silicone rubbers (HTV) have superior properties and provide many benefits: 
- great flexibility of use and processability
- high purity, high transparency
- easy to color with pigment pastes
- anti-yellowing
- waterproofness
- excellent soil and dirt repellency
- excellent thermal stability, weatherability (-60°C to 300°C)
- exceptional heat-ageing resistance
- excellent tear strength
- excellent tensile set
- excellent chemical resistance and wash resistance
- strong resilience
- smooth, pure and very good surface qualities
- suitable for food related applications (incl. drinking water, beverage)
- suitable for medical devices and pharmaceutical components 
can be calendered thin sheets (for fabric coating or producing panels, films)
- easily mixed with additives
- easily extended with silica fillers (quartz type)
- reducing of energy and material consumption
- cost-effectiveness
- alternatives with FDA compliance
SILASTOSIL® HTV line silicone rubbers and other complementary additives are used for manufacturing of numerous articles in cost-effective way:
- silicone cables, cable tubes, sleevings
- insulators, high-voltage insulators, connectors, surge arresters
- wires for home appliances, wires of high dielectric strength
- electronic components, sensors, keypads, long life keypads
- electrically conductive parts, sheets, rollers, contacts
- electrical parts, anode caps, high-voltage caps, fire-proof gaskets
- glass packing
- connector seals, oil seals, sealing rings, o-rings, gaskets, profiles
- medical devices, surgery instruments, diaphram, tube, pipe, google, glove
prosthetics and artificial organs
- packing for food container
- rollers, hot stamping silicone rollers
- baby toys and baby articles, bibs, teeth brushes, components of milk pump
- sport articles, swimming caps, bands, goggles
- automotive hose for turbocharger, radiator parts, insulating and damping parts
- labels and textile labelling, textile coatings (applied as thin sheets)
- packing for autoclave
- bake ware, silicone molds, plastic molding products, silicone cases, gloves
- laminations, and many more ... 
Holcosil® HTV line pigment pastes  from Holland Colours are ideal solutions to colour silicone rubbers, because they do not affect the physical properties of the silicone rubbers, comply with FDA, BfR and RoHS requirements fully, are therefore ideal for both food related applications and medical devices.
TERRASIL® RA line release agents & lubricants are effective and reliable solutions for compression molding. Their mold release performances and lubricating effects help manufacturers not only to provide smooth and continuous production processes, but also excellent surface qualities without any deformation. 
TERRASIL® AUX line additives for silicone rubbers including peroxides, platinum catalysts, dispersions, functional fillers and other performance enhancing additives to improve physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the silicone rubbers such as heat and flame resistance, heat stability, ash cohesion resistance and plasticity. provide high efficiency and cost-effectiveness in compression molding, injection moldign and extrusion applications.
TERRASIL® AUX G line adhesives & bonding agents are used to bond silicone rubbers to plastic and fabric substrates and metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.


For further information about our range of High-Temperature-Vulcanizing Silicone Rubbers, please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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