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TERRA has years of experience in colorants for silicone rubber compounding, components, solid silicone rubber extrusion, compression molding, and liquid injection molding. Our colorants help manufacturers to reduce residual solvents and odors, and support simpler, less labor-intensive processing. They cover the full range of RTV, LSR and HTV silicone rubbers. They are high strength, low dosing, environmentally friendly, and show pumpable viscosity. They conform with American, European and Asian regulations, and California’s Proposition 65 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.
Holcosil® line colorants are produced by Holland Colours which is the ultimate world leader in colouring various silicone products. They are offered in liquid and in pasty forms with an unlimited variety of colours. High thermo stability, high dispersion levels, controlled viscosity to ensure optimal dosing and FDA/BGVV conformity characterize these colorants.
Holcosil® line color solutions are very effective in both manual use and in automatic dosing systems. They can meet every specific need in the manufacturing of silicone rubber articles: 
- Suitable for solid (HTV) and liquid (RTV, LSR) silicone rubbers
- Suitable for manual use and in automatic mixing and dosing systems
- Wide array of standard colours within RAL and Pantone color shades
- Customized color fomulations are possible
- Glossy, matt or transparent colour alternatives
- Shorter coloring and mixing periods
- Excellent coloring power, highly-effective in lower dosing
- Higher coloring performance compared to powder pigments
- Do not rise any dust during processing
- Help to reduce residual solvents and odors
- Support simpler, less labor-intensive processing
- Guarantee high colour consistency
- Do not damage the mechanical strengths of the cured silicone rubber
- High thermal stability
- High UV and weathering resistance
- REACH registration
- Food contact, skin contact and medical contact status
- Conform with American, European and Asian regulations
- Conform with California’s Proposition 65 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.
- Conform with FDA 21 CFR 177-2600 and FDA 21 CFR 178-3297
- Conform with BfR and KTW Zulassung
- Comply with RoHS standards
- Environmental harmless
- Fast delivery
- Cost-effective
For further information about our wide range of Colorants for Silicone Rubbers, please contact us.Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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