Optimize your process and product performances

To optimize process and product performances of silicone rubbers TERRA offers an extensive range of highly-efficient additives which consists of silanes and coupling agents, crosslinkers, functional fillers such as fumed silica and precipitated silica, silicone resins & resin intermediates, primers, adhesion promoters, thixotropy additives, curing accelerators, polydimethylsiloxane silicone fluids, OH polymers (hydroxyl-terminated) or MH polymers (vinyl-terninated), flame retardants and other formulation components. By imparting silicone rubbers outstanding features they help manufacturers enhance their process and product performances without sacrificing cost-effectiveness:


- Improved tear and tensile strenghts

- Higher elongation, optimized elasticity

- Higher heat resistance

- Flame resistance

- UV resistance

- Anti-yellowing

- Weathering resistance

- Anti-ageing resistance

- Abrasion resistance

- High adhesion on various substrates

- Optimal viscosity and flowability

- Optimal plasticity

- Customized curing and operating times



For further information about our extensive range of Additives for silicone rubbers, please contact usOur experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.






resim additives for silicone rubbers performance enhancing

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