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TERRA offers an extensive range of paste, flowable and liquid silicone rubbers that are used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes such as extrusion, liquid injection molding, compression molding, moulding and moldmaking, pad printing, textile coating and electronic potting and encapsulation. Their chemical purity and long-lasting durability make them favorable solutions for food grade, medical grade and high-voltage electrical grade applications. They are in solid and liquid forms with a wide variety of hardness, viscosity, opearing and cycle times:

- Room-temperature-vulcanizing Silicone Rubbers - RTV
- Catalysts
- Liquid Silicone Rubbers for Textile Coating - LSR
- Liquid Silicone Rubbers for Injection Molding - LSR
- High-temperature-vulcanizing Silicone Rubbers - HTV/HCR
- Colorants for Silicone Rubbers
- Additives

Our innovative range for silicone rubber and elastomer applications includes polydimethylsiloxane silicone fluids, OH polymers and MH polymers in a wide variety of viscosity, silicone polishing emulsions, colorants for silicone rubbers (liquid pigment paste, masterbatch), release agents & lubricants, mold release agents, thixotropic agents, thickeners, primers and adhesion promoters, adhesives and bonding agents, silicone resins, silicone waxes, silanes, crosslinkers and catalysts, functional fillers such as silica, performance enhancers and other complementary chemicals

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