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As being a reliable supplier of colorants and additives for silicone rubbers, TERRA is the right adress for all individual and industrial manufacturers. Our business partner Holland Colours is a well-known global supplier which has years of experience in producing highly efficient and effective pigment pastes and additives for silicone rubbers and elastomers. Holcosil®, Holcoflex® and Holcolex® series colorants can meet all requirements in various industries, and are offered under two product groups:



- Colorants for Sealants and Adhesives

Colorants for Silicone Rubber Articles



Holland Colours has decades of experience in colorants for silicone compounding, components, solid silicone extrusion and pressing, and liquid silicone molding. The manufacturing technology can help to reduce residual solvents and odors, and our products support simpler, less labor-intensive processing.


Holland Colours offers color solutions that together cover the full range of silicones and elastomers. All systems are high strength, low dosing, environmentally friendly, and show pumpable viscosity. They conform with American, European and Asian regulations, and California’s Proposition 65 Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. 







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