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Silicone materials from TERRA can perform as sealants, lubricants, surfactants, rubbers, coatings and adhesives. In addition, they are irreplaceable ingredients for many applications in paper industry. This is because they have unique physico-chemical properties compared to other materials.


These innovative materials are used in many applications thanks to their distinctive basic siloxane molecular structure and bond strength, and also because of their intrinsic surface properties and viscoelastic characteristics. Some of their key features are:


- Ability of the silicone polymer to wet nearly any substrate surface

- Crosslinkable siloxane polymer to make available a non-flowable cured film for various process needs

- Appropriate viscoelastic behavior when modifying the structure of the siloxane network or incorporating silicone resin to adjust peeling release force, tack, adhesion and cohesive strength of the adhesive



In the paper and pressure sensitive industry TERRA' s innovative products serve as key elements for the design of Adhesives and Release coatings.

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