Powerful and durable bridges with silanes
TERRASIL® SILANE series silanes are highly-effective coupling agents that react with a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. Their versatile functionalities as being coupling agent, crosslinker, surface modifier, water scravenger or dispersing aid have been proven in an ever-increasing number of industries ranging from plastics and rubber processing to tires, sealants and adhesives to paints and coatings or fiberglass reinforced composites. They help to extend product life, to enhance product performance, and to optimize product's useflulness. They are compatible with all resin systems, such as acrylic, nylon, epoxy, epoxies for PCB's, phenolics, PVC, urethane, melamine, nitrile, EVA, polyolefin, PBT, polysulfide, PEEK, polyester, butyl, EPDM, EPBM, SBR, organic rubbers and all polymer types. They confer novel features and benefits:
- Longlasting durability
- Chemical resistance
- Weathering resistance
- High tensile strength and elongation
- High tear and crack resistance
- Toughness and abrasion resistance
- Thermal stability
- Creep resistance
- Improved adhesion of organic polymer to inorganic substrates or filler
- Improved wet and dry physical properties of composite
- Improved mixing and compatibility of filled systems
- Wetting agent aids in coverage of the reactive aminosilanes
- Hydrophobicity of fillers and fibers
- Filler/ fiber dispersibility in organic polymers
- Reduced reactivity leading to better wetting with some organic resins
- Antistatic properties to various substrates
- Improved wet and dry physical properties of glassfiber-filled composites
- Prevent gelling of silicate-based corrosion inhibitor system in engine coolant
- Electrical and thermal resistance
- Moisture resistance
- Improved properties of silica-filed tire rubber
- Improved processability
- Easy handling
- Increased catalyst efficiency and isostatic content of polypropylene
- Improved molecular weight distribution
- Hydrophobic finish
- Improved hydrophobicity of fillers and fibers
- Hydrophobing surfaces and particles
- Improving dispersion of minerals in organic materials
- Improved surface qualities of the plastics and rubbers, composites 
For further information about our extensive range of Silane Coupling Agents, please contact us. Our experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 

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