Expertise in liquid silicone rubber injection
For liquid silicone rubber injection molding TERRA offers a wide range including the most innovative silicone elastomer technologies. Food grade SILASTOSIL® LR line and medical grade SILASTOMER® LR line LSR iquid silicone rubbers for injection molding are of high-purity, colorless, solvent-free liquid silicone rubbers developed for manufacturing of high-precision parts. They comply with ROHS, FDA and ISO 10993 regulations, have ideal properties to produce a wide variety of silicone articles ranging from baby articles to medical devices.
For silicone injection molding applications we offer a complete range, including:
- Colorants for silicone rubbers (Holcosil® line colorants in paste or liquid form)
- Additives for silicone rubbers (silica, catalyst, crosslinker)
For further information about our range of LSR iquid silicone rubbers and our other complementary solutions for Liquid Injection Molding, please contact us. Our team of experts will support you in making the right choices to secure the material properties you seek. 
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