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To meet sophisticated needs of today's plastics & rubber processing and composite industries TERRA offers comprehensive solutions that are developed by globally known leaders in silicone rubber and elastomer technologies. SILASTOSIL® line silicone rubbers based on our sustainability principals are well-suited for any application with silicone rubbers, from molding to pad printing, from textile coating to electronic potting. Thanks to their unique features they can meet very compulsory needs in terms of design flexibility, production effectiveness, end-product performance, cost-effectiveness, continuity in quality, conformability with FDA, Bfr, Koshar, REACH and RoHS regulations, suitability to food contact, suitability in both baby ware and medical use. Applied with manuel molding, compression molding, injection molding or extrusion methods SILASTOSIL® line silicone rubbers and other complementary processing auxiliaries are the first choice in the most of the plastics & rubber processing applications:  
Our range of processing auxiliaries and performance enhancing additives for plastics & rubber processing help manufacturers to assure high product performances considering a wide range of factors such as chemical purity, surface quality, smoothness, transparency, mechanical and chemical strengths, elongation & elasticity, thermal stability, fire-resistance, electrical resistivity, high-voltage resistance, UV-resistance, Ozon-resistance, service life and cost-effectiveness. 

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