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Silicone resins are mainly formulated as major components of the paints and coatings. They are used as binders or co-binders, imparting important benefits such as durability throughout the life of the coating. To meet specific needs of the industry, TERRA offers a comprehensive range including silicone resins and binders which offer high resistance to weathering in paints for exterior surfaces such as bridges and metal cladding on buildings. They also provide water repellency to masonry surfaces such as stone and brick. They have greater resistance to high temperatures than organic resins and are ideal for manufacturing of paints for ovens, chimneys, car exhausts and barbecues. We help manufacturers improve the resistance of their decorative and protective coatings to extreme conditions. They are used in coating industry as performance-enhancing additives to provide:
- Foam control
- Substrate wetting
- Leveling
- Adhesion
- Surface slip
Our solutions include flake resins and liquid resins in form of solvent-based or solvnetless, and can meet all requirements to manufacture a wide range of decorative or protective coatings, including:
- high adhesion
- high durability
- very good resistance to extrem temperatures
- very good moisture resistance
- high corrosion resistance
- resistance to electrical discharge
- high UV stability
- weathering resistance
- color and gloss retention
- processing efficiency
- cost-effectiveness
- compliance with VOC regulations
Our superior quality silicone resins and binders are compatible with many organic resins, and can be easily formulated in combination with each other to achieve specific application requirements and film properties.

Our experts help you develop new products, expand into new geographic markets, improve your productivity and drive down costs. We can offer you the right choices that meet exactly your specific needs.

For further information about our comprehensive range for Industrial Paints & Inks, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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