Outstanding performances in paints and inks



For manufacturing of high-performance industrial paints, inks and coatings TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of innovative silicone resins and resin intermediates. TERRASIL® RSN line silicone resins & resin intermediates are compatible with organic resins and enhance product performances significianly. These highly effective solutions impart paints and inks outstanding properties, and help manufacturers to create new classes of products:


- resistance to extreme temperatures

- thermal resistance
- UV stability
- color and gloss retention 
- mar resistance
- abrasion resistance
- acid, chemical and alkali resistance
- anti-ageing
- improved weatherability
- high compression strength
- high elasticity and resilience
- water repellency (waterproofing)
- anticorrosion
- high adhesion strength
- surface slipperiness
- optimal surface layout
- spreading effect
- resistance to electrical discharge
- optimal pigment dispersion
- glossy effect
- optimal wetting effect
- organic resin compatibility
- compliance with VOC regulations

- ease of use



TERRASIL® RSN line silicone resins & resin intermediates allow formulators to fulfill a wide range of performance and regulatory requirements and to achieve the best combination of performance and economy.


For further information about our extensive range of Silicone Resins & Intermediates for Paints & Inks, please contact usOur experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.




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