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In paint and ink formulations silane- and silicon-based chemicals are mostly used to impart shine, to improve moisture resistance, to reduce marring and orange skin, to impart heat resistance, and to help prevent pigment separation. They have also functionalities such as coupling agent, adhesion promoter, wetting agent and antifoam agent. They provide not only better adhesion or surface protection, but also they bring style to a wide variety of applications.


TERRASIL® RSN line silicone resins & intermediates, TERRASIL® SILANE line silanes, TERRAFOAM® line silicone antifoams & defoamers, TERRASIL® WR line water repellentswetting agents, dispersions, functional fillers, and other formulation components are effective solutions which help manufacturers to improve their productivities and to enhance their product performances significantly:



- Silicone Resins & Intermediates for Paints & Inks

Silanes for Paints & Inks

- Antifoams

- Other Formulation Components


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