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High biocompatibility, organic and hypoallergenic nature, lack of odor and lack of taste, o-zone and UV-safe, high thermal stability, and lifetime service of the part are the primary benefits of silicone rubbers in the healthcare & medical industry. Compared to other materials, medical grade silicone rubbers provide greater clarity, chemical resistance, purity, and value for high precision medical devices. SILASTOSIL® line silicone rubbers, Holcosil® line colorants for silicone rubbers, TERRAFLUID® line silicone fluids and other complementary additives have outstanding chemical and physical properties, comply with FDA regulations, and ideal for use with manuel or automated processing methods such as pouring, compression molding, injection molding, liquid injection molding (LIM), and extrusion. They fulfil all conditions related to medical grade status:

- Injection Molded Medical Parts (Liquid Injection Molding)

- Extruded Medical Parts

- Wound Care



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