Faster, safer and more cost-effective processings
TERRA offers a comprehensive range of release coatings and lubricants that are used for food processing, including food-grade silicone fluidsrelease agents & lubricants, silicone rubbers for anti-friction coating, and silicone pastes for providing faster, safer and more cost-effective food processing.


Silicone coating systems for baking trays and tins


Traditionaly, baking trays and tins had to be greased. This is the only way to ensure that the baked foods did not stick. We offer an intelligent coating system which makes greasing unnecessary: Food-grade Antistick Coating and its primer. This is a one-component room-temperature-vulcanization silicone rubber (RTV-1) system which is idealy suited to coating baking trays and tins. It is very easy to process, and in turn, facilities further processing. Absolutely nothing sticks or burns onto silicone-coated tins and trays.


Silicone rubbers from TERRA for anti-stick coating guarantee optimal results, enhance the quality of baked goods, boost productivity and increase efficiency. Even after repeated use, the coating loses none of its prize effect. 


Benefits of our solutions at a glance:


- Easy to process

- Excellent non-stick property, greasing is no longer necessary

- Extremely durable, fully functional up until 2,000th batch

- Fast, easy removal of baked goods from tins and trays

- Faster production, higher efficiency

- No costs incurred for vegetable fat

- Oven interiors stay cleaner for longer

- Faster, easier cleaning of tins and trays

- Appetizing goods, no burnt fat  



Silicone coatings for food packaging and baking paper


TERRA offers a special range used as Release Coating for Paper which imparts paper key features such as antistick (non-stick) properties or water repellency.They are used for manufacturing of water-proof papers (used e.g. for packaging of fruits) or grease-proof papers (used e.g. for baking, sweets, etc.). Our solutions have food-contact and food-grade status and were FDA and BfR approved.


For further information about our range of Release Coatings for Food Processing, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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