Eliminate safely and efficiently problem foam
Foods are chemical mixtures. Most of the nutrients are provided by proteins, vitamins and minerals, whereas carbohydrates and fats provide energy. But any media containing such biomaterials and proteins with or without carbohydrates show high foaming tendencies. The proteins act as surfactants due to their amphiphilic structure. They can unfold and strongly adsorb at the interface, forming strong intermolecular interactions. This produces a viscoelastic, irreversibly adsorbed layer at the air-liquid surface, which stabilises the foam. These kinds of films are not easily broken.
This explains why foam is often encountered during food handling, from production to end use. The pathway followed by food materials starts from their production (e.g., plant growth), their processing and their uses. Foam can be produced in each of these steps. But uncontrolled foaming media are a source of severe loss of production capacity, including inefficient mixing or pumping, downtime from clogged lines, overflows, spillage hazards and product waste. Therefore, foam control technologies (either mechanical or based on chemical additives) have been developed to overcome these problems and reduce costs to a minimum.
Chemical additives designed to reduce such foaming problems are called antifoam agents, foam control agents or defoamers. But the choice of ingredients for applications in the food industries is limited because of regulations and the need to ensure that such ingredients do not to cause harmful effects. Silicone fluids (PDMS) are effective ingredients in antifoaming agents because of their low surface tension, water insolubility, thermal stability and chemical inertness. PDMS of sufficient molecular weight does not penetrate though biological membranes, and orally is not metabolised, but excreted unchanged. These PDMS are mixed with hydrophobic particles and formulated as powders, compounds or emulsions. TERRA offers a special range which consists of food-grade silicone fluids and antifoams that provide high safety and high effectiveness in food production. They are used both for direct or indirect contact with food, environment friendly and FDA approved, meet local and international food regulations exactly.
For further information about our range of Antifoams used for Food Production, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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