Improve insulation, reduce failures, extend service life

For electrical insulating and for manufacturing of high voltage grade cable accessories such as insulators, cable ends, cable joints, and other silicone rubber components of the power and utility systems TERRA offers an extensive range which consists of high voltage grade silicone rubbers, protective insulating coatings, silicone fluids, e.g. transformer fluids, colorants for silicone rubbers, adhesives & bonding systems for silicone rubbers, and other complementary additives (e.g. flame retardants) that guarantee high performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.
SILASTOSIL® HTV line high-temperature-vulcanizing silicone rubbers (HTV) and SILASTOSIL® LR 2000 line high-voltage grade liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) are ideal to manufacture durable high-voltage grade cables and cable accessories such as connectors, insulators, surge arresters, cable ends and terminals with compression molding, liquid injection molding and extrusion. They 
enhance power transmission and network sytems for improved infrastructure safety and security. They help enhance reliability and reduce power outages in power systems and networks. Furthermore, they provide unlimited design and manufacturing flexibility:

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