High protection for top-quality electronic devices

Electronic parts and components need to be protected against extreme conditions. To meet specific needs of the electronics industries TERRA offers an effective end efficient range used for many applications from semiconductor fabrication through to final system assembly. Our reliable solutions include highly electrical grade solid or liquid silicone rubbers, colorants for silicone rubbers (pigment paste & masterbatch) in form of paste or liquid colorant, silicone fluids to adjust flowability and hardness level of the silicone rubbers, adhesives & bonding systems and other complementary additives for silicone rubbers used in various applications:
SILASTOSIL® line highly electrical grade silicone rubbers and other complementary additives are ideal for many applications, including;
- board coating
- encapsulating of circuits 
- potting and encapsulating of electronic modules and sensors
- insulation, waterproof and bonding of electronic parts
- heat sink and housing attach
- base plate and housing attach
- module sealing 
- pin sealing 
- gasketing and sealing connectors 
- die encapsulant materials
- die attach adhesive materials
- filling and casting LED lights stripes (LED bars)
- filling (casting) of LED and LCD displays and circuit boards (PCB' s)
- outdoor protection for LED screen
- compression and injection molding for producing of silicone rubber parts

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