Increase security, reduce power outages

Transformers are designed with higher continuous service temperatures than used to be the case. To meet the functional requirements for this application precisely TERRA offers a special range which consists of silicone fluids formulated specially for transformers. They provide electrical insulation and transmit heat from the interior of the transformers. TERRAFLUID® TRF line silicone transformer fluids form TERRA combine safety and dependability by replacing mineral transformer oils. They are formulated as a dimethyl silicone insulating material for power transformers and provide a unique combination of dependable safety features and high-performance characteristics;
- increase security, reduce fire and explosion risk; extremely stable, less flammable
improve electrical insulation; protect against environmental stresses and extend component service life
- improve fire safety; lower heat release rate, lower smoke generation, and lower toxicity of combustion byproducts than other transformer oils
- reduce power outages; thermal stability and oxidation resistance provide long life and low maintenance
reduce power loss; reduce grid power loss, improve safety and security, and reduce maintenance costs
extend service life; extend thermal stability and oxidation resistance
TERRAFLUID® TRF line silicone transformer fluids allows use of proven, reliable liquid transformer designs indoors or outdoors close to buildings where hydrocarbon fluids may present a fire hazard. Specifically engineered and thoroughly tested for use in electrical power systems, they are among the least hazardous of all known engineering materials, making it an excellent alternative to organic transformer oil. We can tailor or custom compound silicone elastomers to meet your exact requirements.
For further information about our range of Silicone Transformer Fluids, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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