Protect your systems with reliable materials
TERRA offers reliable and cost-effective solutions to produce electrical articles and to protect electrical systems. SILASTOSIL® line electrical grade silicone rubberscolourants for silicone rubbers, adhesives and bonding agents for silicone rubbers, protective surface coatings and other additives for silicone rubbers such as flame retardant and magnesium oxyde are formulated to reduce arcing, tracking and flashovers to improve the system reliability and lower maintenance costs. Our solutions enhance reliability and reduce power outages in electrical power systems and networks. They make it possible to manufacture and specify electrical wire and cable that perform more safely and reliably in demanding appliance, building, industrial equipment, fire alarm, and emergency back-up applications:
SILASTOSIL® line silicone rubbers and silicone rubber compounds from TERRA are offered in solid or liquid form for use in compression molding, liquid injection molding and extrusion processes. They meet specific requirements of the electrical industry, they comply with FDA and RoHS standards fully:
- SILASTOSIL® HTV line high-temperature-vulcanized silicone rubbers (HTV)
- SILASTOSIL® HTV line heat-cure high consistency silicone rubbers (HCR)
- SILASTOSIL® LR line liquid silicone rubbers (LSR)
- SILASTOSIL® FLR line fuel-resistant liquid silicone rubbers (Fluoro-LSR)
Holcosil® line colourants for silicone rubbers and additives such as flame retardants from Holland Colours meet very specific requirements of the electrical industry. They comply with FDA RoHS standards fully, and ideal therefore for both food and medical related applications. They give the same outstanding performance in automatic or semi-automatic mixing systems, and they are also suitable for manual mixing.

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