Effective and long lasting protection in constructions

To provide water repellency and waterpoofing properties in constructions TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of water-based and solvent-based water repellentssilanes and coupling agents, silicone resins & resin intermadiates, functional fillers, dispersions, dispersible polymer powders, and other formulation components. They guarantee outstanding water repellency and enhanced protection as a post-treatment, admixture and in-situ treatment.
TERRASIL® line water repellents are formulated as powder or liquid compounds, and ideal for use in a wide range of building elements, including fresh or old concrete and beton surfaces, concrete blocks and roof tiles, glassfiber-reinforced concrete (GRC, GFRC), fiberglass building elements, damp proof coursing, pavers, flagstones, bricks, plasters, paints and coatings, mortars, grouts, facade elements, stucco, render, ETICS/EIFS, floor tiles, terracotta, limestone, sandstone, rockwool, marble, granite, gypsum, perlite, wood, and composite building elements such as plastic-wood composite side coatings or floor tiles. These highly effective solutions provide crucial benefits in constructions:
- very good water repellency
- protection against water penetration, oil penetration, mold and mildew
long-lasting protection against rebar corrosion
- effectiveness and efficiency
- performance improvement
- very good water repellency, water proofing
- high protection against moisture
- efflorescence control
- resistance to mildew and algae
- protection of surface aesthetic
- low-maintenance damage prevention
environmental protection
- ease of use
- formulation and design flexibility 
For further information about our solutions for Water Repellency in construction, please  contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.king the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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