To create new performance classes



For manufacturing of cement based, glassfiber reinforced or composite building elements TERRA offers a wide range of processing aids which provide manufacturers a high productivity and an unlimited design flexibility. They enable also to improve the performances and the surface qualities of the end-products significantly:  


- anti-foaming agents & defoamers

release agents & lubricants, mold release agents

- aminofunctional silicone fluids

- silicone resins & resin intermediates

- silicone wax emulsions

- wetting agents

- spreading agents

- catalysts, crosslinkers

- functional fillers

- dispersing agents

- cleansers

- water repellents

- silicone rubbers (RTV-2) for molding and mold-making



For further information about our range of Process Aids for manufacturing of building elements, please contact usOur experts help you determine which process aids will meet your specific needs.


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