For consistent performance and durability
Nature has formidable effects on buildings, and customers expect built-in protection and loss prevention. Construction materials are exposed to damaging environments ranging from water ingression, abrasion by airborne particles, and attack by organisms and spills. To meet real needs in constructions TERRA offers an extensive range which consists of functional silicone polymers and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) silicone fluids, silicone rubbers and polyurethane for molding and moldmaking, additives for silicone rubbers, colorants for silicone rubbers and sealants, silicone resins & resin intermadiates, binders and silanes used as coupling agents, crosslinkers, catalysts, wetting agents, spreading agents, functional fillers, water repellents, anti-foaming agents and defoamers, biocides and other formulation components. They improve mechanical strengths, durability, service life and performance of the materials thus and so they provide high process efficiency, unlimited design flexibility and effective cost control.
Our flexible solutions incorporate new types of fillers, raw materials, additives and processing techniques, and comply with health and environmental regulatories fully. Our teams bring manufacturers performance enhancement, innovative thinking, technical expertise and process improvement:

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