Higher performances for real market needs
For construction industry TERRA offers a wide variety of raw materials and additives including water- or solvent-based water repellents, silicone impregnating agents, polish emulsions and waxessilanes used as coupling agent and binder, crosslinkers, catalysts, silicone resins and resin intermediatesprimers, adhesion promoters, reactive silicone fluids, aminofunctional silicone fluids, silicone emulsions based on aminofunctional silicone fluids, silicone rubbers, colorants for silicone rubbers, OH polymers, release agents and coatings for EPDM profiles including permanent profile coatings for windows, antifoams and defoamers, wetting and spreading agents, mold relase agents and many other complementary additives.
Our highly effective solutions are used for manufacturing of numerous building materials such as EPDM profiles, seals, O-rings, silicone-, polyurethane-, polysulfide- or acrylic-based sealants and adhesives, hydrophobing (water repellant) and waterproofing liquids, primers, paints and coatings, primers, decorative ornaments and stucco, rock-, stone- or glass-wool, bricks, sandstones, limestones, beton blocks, gypsum boards, floor tiles, facade covering elements, composite building elements, fiberglass insulating materials, marble, granit, and many more... They guarantee outstanding product performances, long-lasting hydrophobizing, excellent surface protection and durability, design flexibility and cost-effectiveness in constructions:





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