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TERRA offers a comprehensive range of silicone-based specialties for beauty and personal care products formulations. They are of diversified types including amino-functional silicone fluids, dimethicones and dimethiconols, silicone resins and resin intermediates, silicone emulsions, silicone waxes, silicone gels, elastomeric powders, dispersions and antifoams. They are FDA approved and comply with RoHS, REACH, BfR  and Koshar regulations. They provide numerous features ans benefits that impact the performance of beauty and personal care products, conferring a number of attributes such as smoothness, stickiness, softness, shine and suppleness, UV protection, spreadability, film forming, wash-off resistance, skin feel, water resistance, heat resistance, volatility and permeability. Our solutions assist imparting beauty and personal care formulations unique properties, and develop new product categories that will stand out in today's fiercely competitive beauty and personal care market:



Antiperspirants & Deodorants

Bathcare Products

Color Cosmetics

Hair Care

Skin Care

Sun Care

Oral Hygiene

Antifoams for Beauty & Personal Care


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