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To manufacture high-quality auto care products in effective way TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of standard and aminofunctional silicone fluids, foam control systems (antifoams & defoamers), silicone polish emulsions, release agents, water repellents, silicone resins, silanes and other complementary additives which fit exactly the needs of the manufacturers. We offer almost unlimited possibilities for formulation of top-quality auto care products, our flexible solutions help enhance the perfomance of current formulations significantly or invent innovative formulations, including:
We help manufacturers enhance the performance of auto care products concerning shine and durability, while modifying water beading potential, sheeting effect and feel. Our solutions provide many benefits which are critical for high-quality auto care products, such as:
- application ease
- high gloss
- colour intensification & brillance
- high durability
- high detergent resistance
- longterm and durable water repellency
- ease of buff or rub-out
- economic
For further information about our range for manufacturing of Chemicals for Auto Care, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.
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