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For silicone molding applications, inlcuding compression molding, injection molding, liquid injection molding and extrusion TERRA offers an extensive range which consists of high-performance silicone rubbers offered in a wide variety of hardness, FDA confirmed colorants for silicone rubbersperformance enhancing additives for silicone rubbers, silicone fluids (PDMS), (mold) release agents, adhesives & bonding systems for silicone rubbers and other complementary additives:



Liquid Injection Molding

- Compression Molding




SILASTOSIL® HTV line heat-cure and high-temperature-vulcanizing HTV silicone rubbers, and SILASTOSIL® LR line liquid LSR silicone rubbers have been always the first choice of the industries due to their outstanding physical and mechanical properties:


- well adjusted pot life

- adjustable working, curing and demolding times

- excellent mold release characteristics

- excellent non-stick effect

- almost no shrinkage (<0.1%)

- excellent weatherability and durability

- excellent thermal stability

- high resistance to extreme temperatures and ageing (-60ºC to 250ºC) 

- resistnace to ozone, corona and UV

- excellent tear strength

- excellent tensile strenght

- outstanding elongation capacity 

- high resistance to wearing and shearing

- long-term stability of mechanical properties

- excellent dielectric properties

- resistance to chemicals and agressive components of some types of resin

- suitable for food-grade applications and medical devices

- comply with FDA and RoHS

- environmentally harmless

- cost-effective



Holcosil® line colorants for silicone rubbers are offered in forms of liquid pigment pastes and masterbatches, and ideal to color silicone rubbers due to their effectiveness and their suitability for food contact and medical applications.


For further information about our solutions for Silicone Molding, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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