Determining the performance limits
For compression molding applications that are made with silicone rubbers TERRA offers effective and efficient solutions. SILASTOSIL® HTV line heat-cure and high-temperature vulcanizing HTV silicone rubbers, Holcosil® HTV line colorants for silicone rubbers  (masterbatch), TERRASIL® RA line release agents & lubricants, TERRASIL® AUX G line adhesives & bonding systems for silicone rubbers and other complementary additives, e.g. functional fillers, magnesium oxyde and flame retardants guarantee high performance, high presicion and effective cost-control in manufacturing of numerous articles with compression molding method:
automotive parts made of silicone rubbers
- seals, gaskets, o-rings, grommets, hoses, engine parts, buttons
- insulating profiles
- medical devices (tubing, pipe, valve, surgical instruments)
- prosthetics and artificial organs
- sex toys
- kitchenware (cake mold, ice mold, spatula, spoon, grip, strainer)
- food grade silicone rubber parts for drinking water and waste water contact  
- gaskets for home appliances (gasket for water kettle and coffee maker)
- baby articles (bib, baby bottle, teether) and baby toys
- silicone cables, cable accessories (connector, insulator, surge arrester)
- electronic parts and components (keypad, mobile phone cover, button) 
- sport articles (swimming goggle and cap)
- silicone molds (soap mold, candle mold, chocolate mold)
- silicone parts for home appliances (showerhead)
- safety applications 
- general industrial parts
SILASTOSIL® HTV line HTV silicone rubbers are offered in a wide variety of hardnesses ranging from 10 to 90 shore A. They have been always the first choice of the industries due to their outstanding chemical and physical properties:
­- high purity, high transparency
- anti-yellowing
- excellent tear strength
- excellent tensile strength
- high elongation rates and elasticity
- strong resilience
- high temperature resistance
- excellent thermal stability and weatherability (-60°C to 250°C)
- excellent heat-ageing resistance
- high chemical resistance
- outstanding mechanical, electrical insulating properties
- shortened curing and molding time
- energy and time saving
­- optimized manufacturing capabilities
­- easy to color and to mix with additives
- suitable for food related and medical articles
- comply with FDA, BfR and RoHS standards fully
- easy to mix with additives and  color pastes
- save time and energy
Holcosil® HTV line colorants for silicone rubbers are effective solutions to color silicone rubbers with an unlimited design flexibility. They are very effective, do not affect the physical and mechanical performances of the end-products. They comply with FDA, BfR, Koshar and RoHS standards, and ideal therefore for production of food related articles and medical devices. They give same outstanding performances in automatic or semi-automatic mixing systems, and are suitable also for manual use.
TERRASIL® AUX G line adhesives & bonding systems are suitable to bond silicone rubber parts (cured or non-cured) to various substrates such as plastics, rubber, glass, wood, fabric and metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. 
For further information about our solutions for silicone rubber Compression Molding, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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